Fano Ngcobo

is South African and comes from Durban. He is TBGM founder and coordinator for the organisation's programmes. Fano studied philosophy at St Peter's University in Pretoria and has a degree in theology from Urbaniana University in Rome. He is heavily involved in township youth work through a number of youth and child development initiatives. He currently runs the youth centre in Mfuleni township, which is attended by children and youth from the area for various youth programmes. He is a community activist in his own way and is passionate about environmental justice.. 

Gift Mucherengi

is a youth activist born in Zimbabwe. Gift is a very talented person in many areas. He is disciplined by nature - a quality that many young people often lack. He also teaches basic computer courses to children and young people at the Youth Resource Centre. 

Primrose Manika

is a Zimbabwean-born young woman with a passion for community development and sport. Primrose works mainly with the boys in the area of sport

Aziwe Xhaka

is a Cape Town-born South African who is committed to developing the sporting opportunities of the girls who participate in TBGM activities. She dreams of attending university to deepen her passion for sports management.

Samkelo Vicane

comes from Worcester in South Africa and works mainly with the boys. He is also an integral part of everyday life at the youth centre, where many of the activities and programmes take place.

Zolani Mfihlo

is a South African township artist with a lot of musical talent. He was born in Cape Town. Zolani works tirelessly to organise music activities at the youth centre. He organises vocal training sessions and offers guitar and flute lessons to the young people.

Songezo Tolashe

was born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and moved to Cape Town at the age of 5. He is part of the TBGM team responsible for the music programme. Songezo is a guitarist and plays the bagpipes