The History of the Project TBGM 


Township Boyz & Galz Matter (TBGM) was founded out of the realisation and hope that children and young people in the townships can positively shape their dreams and visions despite the difficulties many encounter at home and in their environment. 
The organisation's original aim was to run a soup kitchen for around 180 children and young people from the Strand township to provide them with a good meal three days a week. 
In 2016, TBGM was registered with the South African government agency SASSA (South African Social Security Agency). This meant that TGBM was officially recognised as an aid organisation. 


In addition to providing meals, activities were also offered over time to help the children and young people develop skills and attitudes for a future, challenging life. The focus was on (increasing) literacy, mental resilience, social skills and physical fitness.
TBGM is currently represented in the two townships of Strand and Mfuleni and organises various activities for a group of around 400 children and young people.