About us

As a registered organisation, we are dedicated to supporting the children and youth project Township Boyz and Galz Matter (TBGM). We sustainably support the project in its endeavour to enable disadvantaged children and young people from low-income, very needy backgrounds in the townships of Strand and Mfuleni near Cape Town to pave the way to a better future.

History of the association

Better Future e.V. was founded on 25.09.2023 and recognised as a non-profit organisation on 22.12.2023. The purpose of the association is to provide sustainable support for TBGM. Founding member Hans Meyer on his meeting with TBGM initiator Fano Ngcobo:
"I met Fano in South Africa in 2019 and thought with him about how I could support his project. In the beginning, we were worlds apart as we had very different views and experiences with project management. In the end, I learnt that it is best to proceed according to the principle: "Tell me exactly what you need and I'll tell you whether I can give you what you need." And so, in a process that took about a year, the house in which TBGM is now housed was created. My confidence that it will be a success has grown every day and is still growing."